What is this?
This is an open world single player,  multimision game.
The story is based in the ancient Sumer and the Anunnakis, an alien race who ruled the world in that times.
Your mission in the game is to free the humans.

Why Babylon Project?
This is a provisional name. It's a fantasy game, not a History channel documentary. But it's inspired in Sumer, as this is one of the most ancient culture and with a very rich mythology.
Babylon, as part of the ancient mesopotamic cultures, it's only a inspiration for the architecture and arts.The rest is just a fantasy game.

What is the game stage?
The programming part is very advanced but the graphic part needs a lot of work.

Why the game is made with UDK (Unreal Engine 3) instead Unreal Engine 4?
Because the project was very advanced when UE4 came out.
Moving the game to UE4 should cost almost a delay of a year.
Next project (a second part of this game) will be done using UE4.

How big are the map?
The map is 10x10 Km, including water. You can move to anything you can see. The base is a landscape with a custom foliage system, and the locations are using streaming levels, only loaded when the player is near.

There are magic or superpowers in the game?

What can I do in the game?
You can:
- Customize your character, male or female.
- There are a realtime day/night cycle, and you need to sleep and eat to survive.
- Accepts missions from NPC's to earn money and/or get better weapons and armors.
- Use vehicles to move faster, like horses and, in advanced stages, alien flying ships.
- Fight with swords, axes, bows, and in advanced stages, with alien firearms.
- Recruit fighters, so you will not fight alone.
- Talk with NPC's to get information and to accept missions.


  1. When will the game go on sale?

  2. "not a History channel documentary."

    Well, It has aliens, pyramids and Babilonians. It could be a History Channel Documentary

  3. I there a way we can play with the game in it current state?