Conceptual artists

3D artists
- for characters, clothes, hairs, weapons.
- for map assets


Level designers

Voice actors
- Male voice (english)
- Female voice (english)

Sound engineers

FX artists


  1. Hi! I would love to help out with the process of your game. I can definitely make some weapons for you. E-Mail me (a) I would love to help!

  2. Are those paid position?

  3. Hi, I am a an audio engineer, though primarily a soundtrack composer, I would love to work on your project, it really excites me, you can sample a few short clips on my online portfolio:!repertoire/c14o2

    or if you get in touch with me at I will compose and produce something just for you! I am excited that I may be able to work with you,

    -D.A Meadowcroft

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  6. Hello I would like to apply for position of 3d artist, I am very interested in working in an exciting projects like this. I specialise as 3d artist dominantly skilled in 3d modelling, unwrapping and texturing though I possesses some basic drawing skills if required. I am experienced in using Unreal development kit 3 and have begun to learn Unreal development kit 4.

    I am very dedicated and work well to dead lines and mile stone set, please feel free to visit my portfolio site and I hope to hear from you soon.

    My email :

    Link to my portfolio :

  7. Estoy interesado en el proyecto , cuando sea posible , pónganse en contacto conmigo.

    Hi , im interested in the project. When you can , please contact to me.

  8. Hey mate I might be keen on giving the enviroment artist role a crack, can you email me at threeheadedfilms (at)

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  10. I am a good concept artist. Email for inquiry.